November 20, 2013

November’s been a good month:

8 different Iversen Lathe-Cut Singles released by Cafè Lathe, each in a very Limited Edition of 8 to 13 copies each. You can buy them directly from me via this link ->
There’s also a cdr from the same label compiling all tracks from these lathes. All tracks are also available for download from the Cafè Lathe Bandcamp,

-the november-release of Bjerga/Iversen is “Simple Spirals”, available from -> at whatever price you find it to be worth.

A Vibrant Struggle (Bjerga/Iversen/de Turck-Trowell) released “The Molten Snow Tapes, Vol. XI” on the 14th of November on Vatican Analog, name your price ->

both myself and Bjerga/Iversen submitted for the Petroglyph Music Christmas-compilation.

-Origami Klassika has a track on the Origami Republika 23 Anniversary-Compilation ->

I performed/showed “Digna Town” live at Galleri Sult ( on the 7th of November. A recording of this should be made available within not too long.

The Stillness Trilogy (Tzesne/Iversen) was shown during Nokodek 2013 filmfestival in San Sebastian recently.

Also, I recently did mastering and mixing for synthgurus Electrique Norwegique. Should be a few albums and singles coming soon.

Links of interest:
Jan-M. Iversen on Spotify:
Bjerga/Iversen on Spotify:
Jan-M. Iversen on WiMP:
Bjerga/Iversen on WiMP:

Here’s an old track from my “Retreating Terminus 1”-EP with the Control Valve label (
“Retreating Terminus 2” remains unreleased, available if by chance you run a netlabel or something..

B Jan-M. Iversen - Different Same Old Story label


Upsum, 2013 So Far

June 14, 2013

*Marcia Funèbre, a collab-ep with Metek is out. another two eps With Metek is coming soon. (Spotify, WiMP, iTunes, Amazon and such). Video for Marcia Funèbre here:

*I did a remix for the Skylined-album Whrall Variations on Mahorka. (

*Bjerga/Iversen launched their 2013-Program in january 2013, one release a month from their bandcamp-site. June-album out just now. (

*another 8 hours of the drone-series Monotonous was released in march.

*Rust & Rot released Bosh on Droneskvadronen, digital release. (Rust & Rot is Droný Skvadroný, Hans Einar Gulliksen, Rupert Hype and myself.)

*a recording of my gig at the NuMusic-festival in september 2012 was released digitally. (again: spotify and those..)

*TIBProd. Italy release a remix-album of Buben, i did two remixes on that album. (

*Several albums made available from

The Age Of Uvesentligheter, out today, a 30-minute recording done recently in the Bjerga/Iversen-studio @ Consul80, Stavanger.

Articulating Ideas, live studiorecording from last summer

Von Bordun, Guitar/Drone-improv recorded in my living-room

Harmegås/Rheinländer Classic, recorded live during the birthdayparty of Sindre Bjerga in january

*i did a track for a give-away compilation on label Striate Cortex

*Several old releases has been re-released digitally via TIBProd, including the Remix-album i did of Tore Honorè Bøe-material, 13051826 All Cut Up (Then Shut Up). (Video of first track here:

*Full back-catalogue of Lydhode is made available digitally, and several old recordings of good old TIB has also surfaced,

Plans for the second half of 2013: Bjerga/Iversen “Hiding In Plain Sight” tape, the next 6 monthly albums, the release of a Jan-M. Iversen/Fisk På Disc-collab, three tracks i recorded for a Pink Floyd tribute-album is to be released soon, my album Nøytralitetsbombing is coming on Mahorka, i will play at the PolyFøkt-festival in Oslo in August, a new movie by Tzesne features my music. This movie will probably premiere at this years Nautofon (in august i think) (the music from this movie as well as music from our previous movie Digna Town ( should be made available on cd or digital or whatever..

That’s it. I think.


..oh, and will i join Wolf And The Gang?

Anyway, here’s the video-thing i made for my collab with Metek.

This is the cover of The Age Of Uvesentligheter:
jan-m. iversen - the age of uvesentligheter_1

August/September 2012

October 8, 2012

..was good; spent a few days in La Cala (outside Malaga), spent quite a few days in Oslo, plus did a few live-gigs and studiorecordings.

Here’s a summary as i remember it right now:

Did a collaboration with METEK, the track “Lätt Avslapping” can be heard here:

the collaboration continues but i’m a little behind on the work, hoping things will quiet down soon to make me able to catch up..
Played a 45 minute set during Numusic. Checked out the recording last night, might be good enough to publish at some point. (Let me know if interested in releasing it for me..)
Played in Stavanger Konserthus during the “Husvarming”-thing curated by Cafe Humbug. My recoring of it was so-so, let me know if anybody has a good recording of it. Terje Paulsen also played there, and most of you missed it. Shame.. (I’ll soon youtube a 2-3 minute mobilephonevideo of it.)
I recorded/improvised a good 30 minutes in my studio at Consul80, and something like 2 hours together with mr Bjerga. In other words; lots of great material available.
Of course, i still run TIBProd: august/september-releases are:
Fisk På Disc – Fisketanker (cd + book) and ODRZ – ODRZ25 In Horas, Live Luserna San Giovanni (CD).
Both available from Looop, who is back online and better than ever before!
TIBProd. has also put up some older releases on Spotify and Wimp and such, go search for Staplerfahrer, Andrè Hardang Borgen and Terje Paulsen.
Fisk på Disc celebrated their release with their first ever gig, at Sound Of Mu on the 26th of September. This night also saw at test-version of Iversens Drone-Lounge being presented. I also had a set with Martin Powell on this night, though it was sort of highjacked by Fisk På Disc and turned into a Iversen/Fisk På Disc-session. Recording of this sounded good and is available for anyone interested in releasing.. I have some mobilephoneshot video of Fisk På Disc, will upload it somewhere soon. And while on Fisk På Disc: all their material is now available on WIMP, including 5 Iversen-remixes.
Sindre: did I notice a Bjerga/Iversen-release somewhere, possibly a cassette?
Also: i played a set at Cafe Humbug when SUTT played there. SUTT is Sofie Trolde and Utku Tavil. I played a set there on Zan Hoffmans night as well but come to think of it; that was probably in July.
Non-Me notice: remember to check out the Remix-thing going on over at TIBProd. Italy:
*Coming up: Drone-Lounge, Digna Town, Maurizio Bianchi, Paulsen/Garcia and a whole lot of nothing.

here’s Digna Town, music by me, video by Tzesne:

Digna Town from seriesnegras on Vimeo.


May 28, 2011

Did a 30-minute mix of stuff i like. nowadays i think they call that a podcast. i made it available here:

I’ll probably do this again every now and then. hope you like it.

This is the tracklist of the first TIBP(r)OD:

Lydhode – Marslydhode, extract
(from ‘Marslydhode’, MP3, TIBProd. MP3ALBUM99, 2010)

Chefkirk – A Virtousic Demonstration Of Incredible Range
(from ‘Purely Natural Abstract Radiance’, CDR/MP3, Twilight Luggage, TLMP40, 2011)

Beranek – Sound Of Danger
(from ‘Sound Of Danger’ LP, Mind Expanding Records, MELP001, 1981)

Bjerga/Iversen – Smoke Filled Mirrors
(from ‘Smoke Filled Mirrors’ CDR, Music Your Mind Will Love You, MYMWLY0035, 2005)

Egghatcher – Atlas Piglet
(from Robert Horton ‘Gathering vol. 1’, CDR, TIBProd. TIBCD94, 2009)

Stillstand – Schlüpfen
(from ‘Bionik’, CDR, TIBProd. TIBCD110, 2009)

Amin-Peck – Singing In The Wind
(from ‘Love Disgrace’ B-side, 7″, Connection, CON 8201, 1982)

Fisk På Disc – Grasgjøk 1
(from ‘The Fisher-Price Sessions, CDR, Krakilsk, KRA043, 2008)

Patrick Cowley and Jorge Socarras – I Never Want To Fall In Love
(from ‘Catholic’ CD, Macro, MACRO M14, 2009)

Grauzone – Eisbær
(from ‘Eisbær’ 7″, Off Course Records, ASL-24, 1981)

Baba Llaga – Cuarto Milenio, Iversen Remix
(from ‘Mahorka Remixes vol. 2’, MP3, Mahorka, MHRK057, 2007)

IEAAP, Vol. 11

March 31, 2011

There’s a little “JAN”-collab available on vol. 11 of Hal McGees International Email Audio Art Project, a track by Jan-M. Iversen & Jan Kees Helms.

Check it out.

IEAAP, Vol. 11 Download

IEAAP, complete overview