November 20, 2013

November’s been a good month:

8 different Iversen Lathe-Cut Singles released by Cafè Lathe, each in a very Limited Edition of 8 to 13 copies each. You can buy them directly from me via this link ->
There’s also a cdr from the same label compiling all tracks from these lathes. All tracks are also available for download from the Cafè Lathe Bandcamp,

-the november-release of Bjerga/Iversen is “Simple Spirals”, available from -> at whatever price you find it to be worth.

A Vibrant Struggle (Bjerga/Iversen/de Turck-Trowell) released “The Molten Snow Tapes, Vol. XI” on the 14th of November on Vatican Analog, name your price ->

both myself and Bjerga/Iversen submitted for the Petroglyph Music Christmas-compilation.

-Origami Klassika has a track on the Origami Republika 23 Anniversary-Compilation ->

I performed/showed “Digna Town” live at Galleri Sult ( on the 7th of November. A recording of this should be made available within not too long.

The Stillness Trilogy (Tzesne/Iversen) was shown during Nokodek 2013 filmfestival in San Sebastian recently.

Also, I recently did mastering and mixing for synthgurus Electrique Norwegique. Should be a few albums and singles coming soon.

Links of interest:
Jan-M. Iversen on Spotify:
Bjerga/Iversen on Spotify:
Jan-M. Iversen on WiMP:
Bjerga/Iversen on WiMP:

Here’s an old track from my “Retreating Terminus 1”-EP with the Control Valve label (
“Retreating Terminus 2” remains unreleased, available if by chance you run a netlabel or something..

B Jan-M. Iversen - Different Same Old Story label


Upsum, 2013 So Far

June 14, 2013

*Marcia Funèbre, a collab-ep with Metek is out. another two eps With Metek is coming soon. (Spotify, WiMP, iTunes, Amazon and such). Video for Marcia Funèbre here:

*I did a remix for the Skylined-album Whrall Variations on Mahorka. (

*Bjerga/Iversen launched their 2013-Program in january 2013, one release a month from their bandcamp-site. June-album out just now. (

*another 8 hours of the drone-series Monotonous was released in march.

*Rust & Rot released Bosh on Droneskvadronen, digital release. (Rust & Rot is Droný Skvadroný, Hans Einar Gulliksen, Rupert Hype and myself.)

*a recording of my gig at the NuMusic-festival in september 2012 was released digitally. (again: spotify and those..)

*TIBProd. Italy release a remix-album of Buben, i did two remixes on that album. (

*Several albums made available from

The Age Of Uvesentligheter, out today, a 30-minute recording done recently in the Bjerga/Iversen-studio @ Consul80, Stavanger.

Articulating Ideas, live studiorecording from last summer

Von Bordun, Guitar/Drone-improv recorded in my living-room

Harmegås/Rheinländer Classic, recorded live during the birthdayparty of Sindre Bjerga in january

*i did a track for a give-away compilation on label Striate Cortex

*Several old releases has been re-released digitally via TIBProd, including the Remix-album i did of Tore Honorè Bøe-material, 13051826 All Cut Up (Then Shut Up). (Video of first track here:

*Full back-catalogue of Lydhode is made available digitally, and several old recordings of good old TIB has also surfaced,

Plans for the second half of 2013: Bjerga/Iversen “Hiding In Plain Sight” tape, the next 6 monthly albums, the release of a Jan-M. Iversen/Fisk På Disc-collab, three tracks i recorded for a Pink Floyd tribute-album is to be released soon, my album Nøytralitetsbombing is coming on Mahorka, i will play at the PolyFøkt-festival in Oslo in August, a new movie by Tzesne features my music. This movie will probably premiere at this years Nautofon (in august i think) (the music from this movie as well as music from our previous movie Digna Town ( should be made available on cd or digital or whatever..

That’s it. I think.


..oh, and will i join Wolf And The Gang?

Anyway, here’s the video-thing i made for my collab with Metek.

This is the cover of The Age Of Uvesentligheter:
jan-m. iversen - the age of uvesentligheter_1

Kunst Liksom

May 18, 2012

uploaded parts 1->4 of Kunst Liksom to youtube. should be available from spotify, itunes, amazon and those within a few weeks.

and while you enjoy Kunst Liksom i’m off to celebrate 40 years on earth.

here’s part 1:

here’s a still from part 3-video:


May 28, 2011

Did a 30-minute mix of stuff i like. nowadays i think they call that a podcast. i made it available here:

I’ll probably do this again every now and then. hope you like it.

This is the tracklist of the first TIBP(r)OD:

Lydhode – Marslydhode, extract
(from ‘Marslydhode’, MP3, TIBProd. MP3ALBUM99, 2010)

Chefkirk – A Virtousic Demonstration Of Incredible Range
(from ‘Purely Natural Abstract Radiance’, CDR/MP3, Twilight Luggage, TLMP40, 2011)

Beranek – Sound Of Danger
(from ‘Sound Of Danger’ LP, Mind Expanding Records, MELP001, 1981)

Bjerga/Iversen – Smoke Filled Mirrors
(from ‘Smoke Filled Mirrors’ CDR, Music Your Mind Will Love You, MYMWLY0035, 2005)

Egghatcher – Atlas Piglet
(from Robert Horton ‘Gathering vol. 1’, CDR, TIBProd. TIBCD94, 2009)

Stillstand – Schlüpfen
(from ‘Bionik’, CDR, TIBProd. TIBCD110, 2009)

Amin-Peck – Singing In The Wind
(from ‘Love Disgrace’ B-side, 7″, Connection, CON 8201, 1982)

Fisk På Disc – Grasgjøk 1
(from ‘The Fisher-Price Sessions, CDR, Krakilsk, KRA043, 2008)

Patrick Cowley and Jorge Socarras – I Never Want To Fall In Love
(from ‘Catholic’ CD, Macro, MACRO M14, 2009)

Grauzone – Eisbær
(from ‘Eisbær’ 7″, Off Course Records, ASL-24, 1981)

Baba Llaga – Cuarto Milenio, Iversen Remix
(from ‘Mahorka Remixes vol. 2’, MP3, Mahorka, MHRK057, 2007)

IEAAP, Vol. 11

March 31, 2011

There’s a little “JAN”-collab available on vol. 11 of Hal McGees International Email Audio Art Project, a track by Jan-M. Iversen & Jan Kees Helms.

Check it out.

IEAAP, Vol. 11 Download

IEAAP, complete overview