Nice review for Modern Day Silence in last edition of Vital Weekly ( Extract of Harmegås features in their podcast-thing.

Should be a few other reviews poppin’ up within not too long.

That’s the spotify-link, go listen to the album, it good even without the book:)

Working on a new album, it will probably be named “Floskelbonanza”.

I’ve submitted two tracks (Gesundheitsförderung parts 1 and 2) to Mahorka’s coming compilation “Music For Elevators, vol. 4”. Don’t know yet if they’ll make it onto the compilation.
Also, submitted loads of Lydhode-stuff for Spotify, should be up in time for christmas.

AH, and; “Exiled In Bilbao” is close, stay tuned..

And finally, here’s my remix of a mobilephonerecorded extract of Ambolthue live at ATCE last month:


Finally; ‘Modern Day Silence’ is out and available!
70 minutes, 7 tracks. Amongst them the original/extended versions of Nivelar and Harmegås and my first Rheinländer!

The cd comes with a 24-page full-colour book of pictures and blurbs. There’s a hardback-one and a softback-one.

Also; if you prefer things digital you can find it on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes and such.. not sure about Wimp though. ah well, Wimp instead has the exclusive Nivelar EP for you.

Oh, the book is also available digitally, you can get it at less than two euros from Think they call it an eBook, like for iPads and such.

You can get the cd+book directly from me,, or (if it’s not showing on their website it should soon be..).
you can buy it from my discogs-page as well.

i’ve added some (poor) pictures of the release to the “sights”-page.

Modern Day Silence

September 26, 2011

A new solo-cd is just around the corner; ‘Modern Day Silence’ (TIBCD125)

It has been beautifully mastered by mr Jos Smolders at EARLabs and is being pressed by Mobineko right now.

On this cd the full versions of ‘Nivelar’ and ‘Harmegås’ will finally get its release.

The cd comes in two editions:
-a ltd.ed. with a 24-page full-colour book*
-standard jewelcase

*20 copies also with a signed photo of the ‘Modern Day Silence’-painting.


1 Rheinländer Classic (11:22)
2 Nivelar (Extended Version) (12:49)
3 Harmegås (Extended Version (17:25)
4 Schneeshuhvermietung (4:38)
5 Am Autopilot (15:13)
6 Modern Day Silence (7:37)
7 NæNæ (Modern Day Silence Part 2, 1:20)

Here’s the videos for the three shortest tracks on the cd, ‘Schneeshuhvermietung’, ‘Modern Day Silence’ and ‘NæNæ (Modern Day Silence pt 2)’


‘Modern Day Silence’

‘NæNæ (Modern Day Silence pt 2)’

It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally here:

‘Lifting Iversen’ is a selection of fine artists remixing some previously unreleased tracks of mine. CD will very soon be available from LOOOP. But as of now! you can get it directly from me or via the TIBProd-page at Discogs. It should also be available digitally from Beatport as well as Juno Download, Amazon, Itunes +++ (couldn’t be bothered linking to all of them).
AND, it’s on WIMP and on SPOTIFY.

All remixes (in the un-mastered version) has for some time been available via youtube with videos to go with them. Here’s the complete tracklist w/the youtube-link

01 Iversen by Adults With Chicks – This Used To Be Nothing
02 Iversen by Robert Horton – Protector
03 Iversen by Tzesne – Galiana
04 Iversen by Terje Paulsen – Fussboden
05 Iversen by Nils Rostad – Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal
06 Iversen by Pål Asle Pettersen – Mellowharsher
07 Iversen by Kai Kobi Mikalsen – There Are Signs Of Brains
08 Iversen by Kaoss 99 – Bor Du Også I Verdensrommet, Pappa?
09 Iversen by HOH – Mormorpengepung
10 Iversen by Xerxes – Radio Attractivity
11 Iversen by Sirk – Rotwang
12 Iversen by Kjetil Hanssen – Ephemeral Zyzzyva
13 Iversen by Roar Borge – Is There Anybody Down There In The Deep?
14 Iversen by Sindre Bjerga – Wonderfoul

Big thanks to the remixers plus great big thanks to Txesus Garate for Mastering and brilliant cover-design.


Now / Recent

July 16, 2011

NOW: flying away, 14 days in webless space. holiday, so called.


..played Cafe Humbug. Might make recording available later.

..recorded with Bjerga/Iversen in our new studio, going through the recordings.

..participated on Droneskvadronen All-Stars, cd out now.

..made a few videos, all to be seen here:

..spent 14 days, 10 of them alone, in a cabin in the mountains, did a few recordings. and (finally) finalised the Iversen Remix-cd, master now received, really nice coversolution on this one, being printed right now. this release should be out mid-august, the title being “Lifting Iversen” and featuring remixes by Nils Rostad, Terje Paulsen, Xerxes, HOH, Adults With Chicks, Tzesne, Robert Horton, Kobi, Sindre Bjerga, Pål Asle Pettersen, Roar Borge, Kjetil Hanssen, Sirk. cd should be “modern day silence”, to be released later this year. i did a painting for the cover while at the cabin.

jan-m. iversen – schneeshuhvermietung

jan-m. iversen – remix of anders gjerde & nils rostad live at cafe humbug

jan-m. iversen – nænæ


May 28, 2011

Did a 30-minute mix of stuff i like. nowadays i think they call that a podcast. i made it available here:

I’ll probably do this again every now and then. hope you like it.

This is the tracklist of the first TIBP(r)OD:

Lydhode – Marslydhode, extract
(from ‘Marslydhode’, MP3, TIBProd. MP3ALBUM99, 2010)

Chefkirk – A Virtousic Demonstration Of Incredible Range
(from ‘Purely Natural Abstract Radiance’, CDR/MP3, Twilight Luggage, TLMP40, 2011)

Beranek – Sound Of Danger
(from ‘Sound Of Danger’ LP, Mind Expanding Records, MELP001, 1981)

Bjerga/Iversen – Smoke Filled Mirrors
(from ‘Smoke Filled Mirrors’ CDR, Music Your Mind Will Love You, MYMWLY0035, 2005)

Egghatcher – Atlas Piglet
(from Robert Horton ‘Gathering vol. 1’, CDR, TIBProd. TIBCD94, 2009)

Stillstand – Schlüpfen
(from ‘Bionik’, CDR, TIBProd. TIBCD110, 2009)

Amin-Peck – Singing In The Wind
(from ‘Love Disgrace’ B-side, 7″, Connection, CON 8201, 1982)

Fisk På Disc – Grasgjøk 1
(from ‘The Fisher-Price Sessions, CDR, Krakilsk, KRA043, 2008)

Patrick Cowley and Jorge Socarras – I Never Want To Fall In Love
(from ‘Catholic’ CD, Macro, MACRO M14, 2009)

Grauzone – Eisbær
(from ‘Eisbær’ 7″, Off Course Records, ASL-24, 1981)

Baba Llaga – Cuarto Milenio, Iversen Remix
(from ‘Mahorka Remixes vol. 2’, MP3, Mahorka, MHRK057, 2007)

Modulert Grand Prix

May 11, 2011

Bjerga/Iversen will play Modulert Grand Prix in Kristiansand this coming saturday.
Here’s a clip from last year, bjerga/iversen also featured then..

I added

April 28, 2011

..a few things to the “buy” page.

Maurizio Bianchi/M.B. & Jan-M. Iversen
various Bjerga/Iversen
A Vibrant Struggle

Cd, 7″inch, cassette, floppy, cdr.. something for everybody, me guess.

Bjerga/Iversen – ‘The Cholesky Decomposition Method’ is one of the added releases, a floppy-disc that includes a close to 19 minute long track.

New track & video

April 20, 2011

I made a new track, gave it the title “Modern Day Silence”, added some b/w video-thing to it and uploaded it.
Check it out.


A “classic” minimal ambient album; just one long track, a bit obscure, of a static nature but unarrestable as a matter of fact and slowly developing, built with layers of soft and “round” sounds, heavily processed and effected, whose origin seems to be an organ…
“Atypical” for sure, if confrontated with the huge and widely diversified productions of Maurizio Bianchi, this new album is probably one of the last and not to be missed releases signed by “M.B.”, since he has already announced his definitive departure from the musical scene. Another extraordinary collaborative CD, involving this time Jan-M. Iversen, an artist of international fame who managed to enrich and elaborate with great effect the “sound materials” provided by Maurizio Bianchi.