End of year / Start of year

December 26, 2012


Out 13/2-2013 on Inner Robotic Records:
Behind Doors Of Water, 7″
Jan-M. Iversen / Ole Christensen / Michael Chocholak / Steven Cerio / Terje Dragseth (Words)

At end of 2012:

*Sound_00/Iversen – 2.3 out on Post Global Recordings

*The big 109-track x-mas compilation from Petroglyph Music & VJG Records is out, it includes my track Fotbukt, a TIB-track, plus tracks from Sindre Bjerga, Rune Martinsen, Mystified ++

*My favorite netlabel Mahorka just released the Music For Elevators 4-compilation! I have two tracks on this compilation, the tracks Gesundheitsforderung 1 and 2.

*Bjerga/Iversen by K. Saunders: Habbakkuk 211-Dragging Words Out Of A Stone Remixes.

K. Saunders says “I like to pretend Bjerga and Iversen are my Canadian friends. I joke about Canada being a suburb of the United States. They laugh and I laugh… We’re ever so happy.
But in room 209, Bernard and Peter are having a terribly violent argument. In room 213 Karen and Richard are gorging themselves on vegetable soup and scrambled eggs, disgustingly delicious. Our room is always 211. We’re watching Twin Peaks. Benjamin Horne tells his brother, Jerry, “They Norwegians have left”.
Meanwhile, two prophets are banging on your door…
And have the Norwegians left, really?”

*Oh, and remember to look up FISK PÅ DISC on spotify or something: I did a few remixes recently. And I think I might actually be singing on the new album Harmony Hammond by Nils Rostad!

Ending this post/year with this: