Sorry for not keeping this blog updated more regularly. Since last time around, here’s a few going-ons:

*Bjerga/Iversen 2013 Program continues over at Super review of the whole thing by Joe Murray over at Radio Free Midwich: check this:

*Bjerga/Iversen will play at Sprø Musikk 2013, Arendal, December 14.

*A series of 8 Iversen lathe-cut 7inches is coming. Each of them Limited to 10 copies. Released by Cafè Lathe, (All tracks also available digitally from that site.) “Lathes”, a compilation of all tracks from the singles is available at WiMP, Spotify, Amazon, iTunes and such. A cdr-version is also available, on demand only or free if you buy all 8 singles.

*The Iversen/Tzesne Film-Collaboration “Stillness Trilogy” has a channel at Vimeo:
-Stillness Trilogy will be shown during “Nokodek” in Donostia/San Sebastian 25/26 of October.
-I will show and play one part of Stillness Trilogy in Stavanger on the 7th of November. Details TBA.

*I remixed the whole Softsynth Sorcerers-album “T.M.B. Stjerneskipsverft”, the remixalbum is available from TIBProd’s bandcamp,

*Other recent releases of interest:
-October-release of Bjerga/Iversen-program is just around the corner on
-Metek & Jan-M. Iversen, the Three EPs now available to download for free at
-Adults With Chicks – Aptenodytes Forsteri, re-release with me featured on Bonustrack 1, also at
-“Hiding In Plain Sight” by Bjerga/Iversen is available from, Tape and/or Download
-Recent mp3-released “Nøytralitetsbombing” (Mahorka) and “Tonic Immobility” (Petroglyph Music) is now also available at Spotify and such..

Oh, and this years JuleZang will happen on the 20th of December @ Consul80. Details TBA.

Here’s “Different Same Old Story”, the B-side of the first Lathe-cut single (in a shorter version).

And here’s a little video for an old collaboration I did with Tore Honore Bøe: