..and not a word.. ah well, here’s a little bit of news:

*’chop chop chopin ep’ is coming soon, pt 1 with video is up on youtube and vimeo

*’diver dan ep’ is coming soon, extract is up on youtube

*mixingdesk-recording of my gig at Cafè Humbug in june 2011 is now on Spotify and Amazon and iTunes and those..

*bjerga/iversen has two new releases out: “new electric morning” (tape, c38,  a baird of snails records, www.abeardofsnails.com, excerpt here: http://soundcloud.com/abeardofsnailsrecords/bjerga-iversen-excerpt) and “attemting to discover where to begin” (cdr, beartown records, www.beartownrecords.com, excerpt on their website)

*several backcatalogue-releases is on its way to Spotify and those as we speek, including the wolfsburg/harmegås 7″inch and the 15 track/15 minute ‘floskelbonansa’

Here’s ‘chop chop chopin pt 1’