MDS on cassette

November 21, 2011

A cassette-version of Modern Day Silence is out in an edition of only 25 numbered copies.
It sells at 8 euros, and only through the TIBProd-shop at Discogs.

The cassette has a different tracklisting; 5 tracks are remixed versions, Nivelar has been replaced by Nivelar Live and Schneeshuhvermietung is replaced by a live-version of Wizard.


1 Rheinländer Classic Cassettemix, 3,37
2 Am Autopilot Cassettemix, 4,29
3 Harmegås Cassettemix, 3,53


1 Wizard, live Tou Scene 30 july 2010, 3,13
2 Nivelar, live Tou Scene 30 july 2010, 4,08
3 Modern Day Silence, Cassettemix, 6,00
4 Nænæ, Modern Day Silence Part 2 Cassettemix, 2,21


Nice review for Modern Day Silence in last edition of Vital Weekly ( Extract of Harmegås features in their podcast-thing.

Should be a few other reviews poppin’ up within not too long.

That’s the spotify-link, go listen to the album, it good even without the book:)

Working on a new album, it will probably be named “Floskelbonanza”.

I’ve submitted two tracks (Gesundheitsförderung parts 1 and 2) to Mahorka’s coming compilation “Music For Elevators, vol. 4”. Don’t know yet if they’ll make it onto the compilation.
Also, submitted loads of Lydhode-stuff for Spotify, should be up in time for christmas.

AH, and; “Exiled In Bilbao” is close, stay tuned..

And finally, here’s my remix of a mobilephonerecorded extract of Ambolthue live at ATCE last month: