Finally; ‘Modern Day Silence’ is out and available!
70 minutes, 7 tracks. Amongst them the original/extended versions of Nivelar and HarmegÄs and my first RheinlÀnder!

The cd comes with a 24-page full-colour book of pictures and blurbs. There’s a hardback-one and a softback-one.

Also; if you prefer things digital you can find it on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes and such.. not sure about Wimp though. ah well, Wimp instead has the exclusive Nivelar EP for you.

Oh, the book is also available digitally, you can get it at less than two euros from Think they call it an eBook, like for iPads and such.

You can get the cd+book directly from me,, or (if it’s not showing on their website it should soon be..).
you can buy it from my discogs-page as well.

i’ve added some (poor) pictures of the release to the “sights”-page.