Modern Day Silence

September 26, 2011

A new solo-cd is just around the corner; ‘Modern Day Silence’ (TIBCD125)

It has been beautifully mastered by mr Jos Smolders at EARLabs and is being pressed by Mobineko right now.

On this cd the full versions of ‘Nivelar’ and ‘Harmegås’ will finally get its release.

The cd comes in two editions:
-a ltd.ed. with a 24-page full-colour book*
-standard jewelcase

*20 copies also with a signed photo of the ‘Modern Day Silence’-painting.


1 Rheinländer Classic (11:22)
2 Nivelar (Extended Version) (12:49)
3 Harmegås (Extended Version (17:25)
4 Schneeshuhvermietung (4:38)
5 Am Autopilot (15:13)
6 Modern Day Silence (7:37)
7 NæNæ (Modern Day Silence Part 2, 1:20)

Here’s the videos for the three shortest tracks on the cd, ‘Schneeshuhvermietung’, ‘Modern Day Silence’ and ‘NæNæ (Modern Day Silence pt 2)’


‘Modern Day Silence’

‘NæNæ (Modern Day Silence pt 2)’


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