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July 16, 2011

NOW: flying away, 14 days in webless space. holiday, so called.


..played Cafe Humbug. Might make recording available later.

..recorded with Bjerga/Iversen in our new studio, going through the recordings.

..participated on Droneskvadronen All-Stars, cd out now.

..made a few videos, all to be seen here:

..spent 14 days, 10 of them alone, in a cabin in the mountains, did a few recordings. and (finally) finalised the Iversen Remix-cd, master now received, really nice coversolution on this one, being printed right now. this release should be out mid-august, the title being “Lifting Iversen” and featuring remixes by Nils Rostad, Terje Paulsen, Xerxes, HOH, Adults With Chicks, Tzesne, Robert Horton, Kobi, Sindre Bjerga, Pål Asle Pettersen, Roar Borge, Kjetil Hanssen, Sirk. cd should be “modern day silence”, to be released later this year. i did a painting for the cover while at the cabin.

jan-m. iversen – schneeshuhvermietung

jan-m. iversen – remix of anders gjerde & nils rostad live at cafe humbug

jan-m. iversen – nænæ